Daaquam was founded in 1956. Initially a family business, it embarked upon a series of transformations in 1977 that would make it into the leader it is today. In a lumber industry dominated by corporate giants, Daaquam stands out for its industrial strategy and the strength of its team.

Active in the company since 1987, Richard Bélanger and Yvan Pouliot, two respected names in the industry, acquired all shares in Daaquam in 1995. As Chairman and CEO, Mr. Bélanger is known for his outstanding management expertise and his unshakeable commitment to the industry. Since April 9, Mr Bélanger is Senior Vice-President, Eastern Operation and Corporate Development. Mr. Pouliot, Vice-President of Operations, has earned a reputation for his expertise in sawmilling operations, the legacy of a long family tradition. Ever since the two joined forces, the company has grown steadily, reaching new summits each year in every sector of its operations, from wood supply to finished product delivery.